Hospitality, Culture and Entertainment

The Hospitality, Culture and Entertainment sector includes a wide range of establishments from lodging, preparing meals and snacks for immediate consumption, producing live performances, preserving exhibit objects and sites of cultural, educational and historical significance.

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants (non-chain)
  • Live Music Venues
  • Arts Center
  • 50% of Bentonville residents hold an Associate degree or higher
  • Cultural/recreational opportunities in Bentonville:
    • Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
      • 2 million visitors
      • 50,000 square feet of exhibit and learning space
    • Amazeum — a children’s museum
    • An extensive walking and biking trail system
    • A strong public school system
    • Comprehensive healthcare service
  • Disposable income is 9% higher than the national average
  • Per capita income is 8% higher than the national average
  • Average and median household incomes are also higher than in the U.S. as a whole

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