A high-performing entrepreneurial ecosystem is essential for a community’s economic vitality. Entrepreneurs and startups thrive off of having access to financial resources and capital, collaborative environments and support services, potential and new markets, high-performing human capital, robust communications infrastructure, proximity to research institutions and an inclusive community culture. Additionally, many entrepreneurs are developing organizations that are focused on creating a healthy triple bottom line, a framework that evaluates social, environmental and financial measures.

  • Bentonville is the home of Walmart, which offers free consultation, advisory services, and custom training through its 8th & Walton program.
  • Bentonville is experiencing 14% population growth overall, including 12% growth of Millennials and Generation Z
  • Bentonville is a sustainability-focused community that includes several “makerspaces”, “hackerspaces”, and collaboration spaces
  • Colleges and universities local to Bentonville:
    • Northwest Arkansas Community College
    • Shewmaker Center for Global Business Development
    • University of Arkansas
    • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Resources for entrepreneurs in the Bentonville area:
    • NWA Council — This nonprofit organization aims to ensure the region’s successful future by working with partners to advance quality of life, improve the region’s workforce, create job opportunities, upgrade infrastructure and keep up with the region’s impressive growth.
    • Startup Junkie — Startup Junkie meets with entrepreneurs, startups and growth-oriented companies in every stage, across all industry verticals.
    • Exchange — The Exhange is a venue in Bentonville for the startup community that connects entrepreneus and enterprises so they can innovate together in new ways. Exchange offers free co-working space to select startups, mentoships with industry experts, and community evneter that fost colllistion between entreprenerus and enterprises.
  • Bentonville offers multiple free Wi-Fi and connectivity points

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