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Whether you measure commute time from door to door or your connection speed to the cloud, Bentonville has access to exceptional infrastructure. Accessing markets such as Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, New Orleans, Tulsa, and Springfield within a day’s drive, Bentonville businesses are able to boast this central United States address as a competitive advantage.

Below you’ll find additional information regarding airports, highways, telecommunications, and utilities available in Bentonville.




Northwest Arkansas National Airport provides commercial, non-stop air carrier service to 14 destinations nationwide including direct flights to NYC and San Francisco. American Airlines, Allegiant Air, Delta, and United Airlines serve the airport with nearly 50 flights daily.

Bentonville Municipal Airport Thaden Field offers charter service and full service maintenance. The newly constructed main terminal includes a pilot’s lounge, conference rooms, concessions and internet access. The City of Bentonville owns one enclosed t-hanger with six units and one open t-hanger with five units. The airport is located on 140 acres and has a 5,000 foot runway.

Bentonville is also located less than two hours from Tulsa International Airport, which provides non-stop air carrier service to 16 destinations. Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta, Southwest Sun Carrier, and United Airlines serve this airport.


Railway Tracks

The Arkansas Missouri Railroad junctions with the mainline of the Burlington Northern at Monett, Missouri (56.4 miles from the city) and Fort Smith, Arkansas (83.1 miles from the city).

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