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Explore Bentonville by the numbers. Whether you’re considering a business expansion, dreaming about a startup or searching for a new location for your company, review the current demographic information and data about Bentonville to gain insight on Arkansas’ 10th largest city.

Population Demographics

The estimated 2016 population of Bentonville is 43,359, which is projected to grow by 14 percent by 2021.  The projected population growth for Bentonville is considerably higher than that of the State of Arkansas (3 percent) and the United States (4 percent).  

Notably, the city’s estimated population growth between 2000 and 2010 was 5 percent.

Employment by Industry

Based on employment, the largest industries in Bentonville are Management of Companies and Enterprises (19,230 jobs); Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (4,077 jobs); Government (3,778 jobs); Retail Trade (3,685 jobs); and Accommodation and Food Services (3,183 jobs).

Employment by Occupation

The five leading occupations in Bentonville are in the areas of Office and Administrative Support (9,297 jobs); Business and Financial Operations (6,400 jobs); Management (5,363 jobs); Sales (5,042 jobs) and Computer and Mathematical (3,511).


The median age in Bentonville is 32 years, which is significantly lower than the median age of the State of Arkansas at 38.3 and the United States at 38 years.  More than 60 percent of Bentonville’s population is under the age of 40, which is significantly higher than the state (52.1 percent) and the U.S. (52.5 percent).


With the continued discussion of talent attraction and retention, Bentonville far exceeds the state and nation in projected growth of the Millennial and Gen Z population.  Tap into this talent and discover why investing in Bentonville is a good idea.

Educational Attainment

In the City of Bentonville, 50.14 percent of the population age 25 years and older have earned an Associate’s Degree or higher, which far exceeds the state (27.9 percent) and national average (38.7 percent).  Not only is Bentonville a smart place to live, it is also a smart place to invest time and resources to tap into a highly educated market.


The 2016 per capita income for the city is $31,954, which is higher than both the State of Arkansas ($23,251) and the United States ($29,472).  The percent of households below the poverty level in Bentonville is 9.5 percent, which is nearly 50 percent lower than the state’s (18.22 percent) and below the national level (14.42 percent).  The estimated average household income and median household income for the City of Bentonville is higher than the State of Arkansas and the United States.

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