Bentonville is an exceptional American town. With access to most every desirable community amenity just steps away, Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas have been featured in several leading national publications as an increasingly attractive and affordable place to live, work and play given the overall quality of life of this area. A number of high performing educational programs, arts and cultural amenities, infrastructure and development, diversity outreach and environmental programs are woven together to create a city banner that most anyone would love to fly.

The City of Bentonville is also family-friendly (pets included) and offers various experiences that allow patrons and visitors to connect, create and form community. Family shopping trips to local merchants and boutiques can be as lengthy or limited as you want with the numerous shopping options that Bentonville has to offer.

Families can also enjoy ample leisure time at the 80,000-square-foot Bentonville Community Recreation Center or any of the 21 beautiful parks that Bentonville boasts.

Looking to find your passion in the Natural State? There are countless opportunities to be social and make a mark on the Bentonville community. Lace up your shoes or jump on your bike to explore the many walking, biking, and hiking trails in addition to other recreational and outdoor activities.

Yes, [Bentonville is] the home of Walmart’s corporate headquarters. The retail behemoth’s presence means the town is flush with cash, and a lot of it has gone toward creating a premier mountain-biking destination. There are now some 23 miles of singletrack just three miles from downtown. Even better: Arkansas employs the only professional mountain-bike-trail maintenance crews in the U.S. But don’t just take our word for it. The International Mountain Bicycling Association booked it for this year’s World Summit in November.

Bryan Rogala

Outside Magazine

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For more information about shopping in Bentonville, including specialty retail, please visit the Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce to search the business directory or visit Downtown Bentonville, Inc. for a list of downtown member merchants.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Friendliness

Bentonville is a connected community. Visit the links below to plan your next trek.


Sustainability and forward-thinking communities go hand-in-hand. Check out various opportunities to participate in community wellness, recycling or other environmentally friendly initiatives.


Bentonville didn’t become one of the most highly educated communities in the state by happenstance. Explore the K-12 opportunities to find the right fit for the young minds around you. School options in Bentonville include the Bentonville Public School District, a growing number of charter schools, and several private schools in and around the city. Visit here for more information about educational opportunities in Northwest Arkansas.

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