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Bentonville, a cultural hotbed, offers a range of high level art and cultural experiences from world-class art museums such as Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and the Bentonville Film Festival to the amazing Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra and everything in between. From sunup, every weekend in Bentonville is filled with liveliness and the bustle of laughter, energy, and amazement as patrons and tourists indulge in the astounding natural scenery, entertainment and culture that Bentonville offers.

The entrepreneurial spark of Bentonville was ignited by businessman and entrepreneur Sam Walton, back in 1962 with the creation of Walmart, the largest worldwide retailer. Bentonville has since been drawing various industry sectors to share in the prospering workforce and community spirit. The creativity and innovation born in Bentonville is among the best that any city has to offer with an assortment of makerspaces and entrepreneurial support systems.

Like her father, Alice Walton has a vision for Arkansas and faith in Arkansans. She is an icon because she has made her vision a reality that is shaping Arkansas just as Wal-Mart shaped the state and, later, the world.

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