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Hearing the jingle of a five and dime as they clink together in your pocket has never had more meaning than in the City of Bentonville. Sitting on a park bench in the middle of the city square evokes images of American dreams and American tenacity. Realizing that this is a place where your exceptional talents can create great rewards, your investment can reap unfathomable returns and your life is limited only by your imagination.

Continuously exploring all pathways to being exceptional, Bentonville, Arkansas is located in one of the fastest growing regions in the country. Home to the largest retailer in the world, Walmart, and the most recent addition of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the community has become home and a place to visit for people all over the world.

Like no other place in the world, Bentonville is often referred to as “unique” and plays a vital and collaborative role within the regional economic development. From the work ethic of its original citizens, to the early growth of Walmart, to the arrival of the 1,500 vendors and culminating with the opening of Crystal Bridges and associated amenities downtown, Bentonville has evolved into something truly exceptional, with exceptional opportunities for its future.

Contact the City of Bentonville’s Community and Economic Development Department to explore the city’s exceptional assets:

  • The most exceptional company in the world
  • Exceptional public schools
  • Exceptional museums
  • Exceptional museum hotel
  • Exceptional downtown
  • Exceptional restaurants
  • Exceptional trail and park system
  • Exceptional philanthropy
  • Exceptional community college
  • Exceptional people
  • Exceptional leadership
  • Exceptional sustainable practices

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Lower cost of living than the US average


Lower housing cost the US average


Higher per capita income than the US average


Higher job growth in the last 10 years in Benton County than the US average

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