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While our staff is highly engaged in recruiting new companies and listening to existing businesses, we have a longstanding commitment of supporting entrepreneurs and startup companies. Your ideas and your talents are not wasted in Bentonville. We have the resources, time and relationships to ensure your business thrives here.

Your impact on our community doesn’t go unnoticed. We realize that having your business begin, expand or locate in Bentonville adds immense value to the entertainment, cultural and retail fabric of our community. We invite you to become part of an exceptional story, an American story.

If your bottom line depends on an incredibly talented workforce, office and residential product that 21st Century companies and families require, and ample multi-modal (four wheels, two wheels, two feet) connectivity between commercial and residential, then come see why Bentonville is known as the “best neighborhood” in Northwest Arkansas.



Community Relations and Economic Development Director


Debbie is responsible for the overall physical development and economic health of Bentonville while being a champion and advocate for locating new and expanding current businesses in the city. In addition to focusing on economic development, Debbie works with members of the media and serves as a liaison for Mayor Stephanie Orman for public and private partnerships with the City.  Debbie has more than 30 years of experience in communication, marketing, project management and team building. In her prior positions she served as EVP/COO with the Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce. Debbie began her career in television broadcasting and then worked with Walmart, Sam’s Club and Fellowship Bible Church. Debbie is a native of Benton County and lives in Bentonville with her husband, Mark.

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Planning Services Manager


Brian is responsible for managing the Planning and Building Services department including planning services, building services and code enforcement. By acting as a liaison between the public sector and private sector, Brian connects the dots for site consultants, businesses, industries, organizations and individuals throughout the economic development process. Brian has been with the City of Bentonville since 1999 working in various departments. His deep knowledge of city government serves those seeking to invest in Bentonville very well. Brian completed the requirement for the Professional Community and Economic Development certification in 2015.

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